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Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor KRS

The KRS (MPV) Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor handles full auto firing with standard full power ammo simply by having a sufficiently large volume first expansion chamber and welded steel construction. Gas port pressure increase is very moderate, but still enough for reliable feeding cycle with subsonic ammo. KRS operates by offsetting muzzle blast with a diffractor cone, and then reflecting the blast as a single wave front backwards in expansion chamber. Blast waves escaping through bullet holes are progressively muffled in low pressure expansion chambers between 12 cup-formed baffles. KRS is used with model marking "MPV" (Maanpuolustusvaimennin = Defense Suppressor) with MPS rifles made for Finnish reservists by Norinco, China. KRS unit weight is 420 grams (14.8 oz.) and length 177 mm (6.96"), and it mounts in seconds to the Kalashnikov standard left-hand M14x1 muzzle thread. Suppressor aligning must be checked when mounting it for first time, because AK muzzle thread aligning may vary individually.

User's Manual: Kalashnikov Reflex Suppressor KRS

KRS (MPV) is an all-steel Reflex Suppressor for Kalashnikov AK-47, AKM and AK-74 rifles, operating on shock wave reflection and gas expansion principle. Suppressor is primarily intended for reduction of environmental grievances and eliminating risks to hearing. KRS is built for harsh military use and full-auto firing. KRS does not affect bullet speed or precision and mounts on the already existing left handed M l4x1 muzzle thread of AK or AKM. Although the optional silencing effect is achieved with subsonic cartridges (bullet velocity abt. 300 m/s), Reflex Suppressor KRS accepts full power 7.62 x 39 ammunition (bullet velocity 700 m/s or more) and the shooting noise is comparable to an unsuppressed .22 LR rifle. Along with the noise reduction, the suppressor acts as a muzzle brake thus bringing down recoil and muzzle jump. Additional weight in front of of the muzzle results in steady aim and enhanced accuracy. Flash hiding effect is outstanding. Reflex Suppressors standard finish is military grade Parkerizing.

Fastening and unfastening: The muzzle compensator of AK or AKM is removed by pushing its locking pin down and rotating the nut clockwise. Suppressor is rotated counterclockwise on the left-hand M14x1 muzzle thread, tightening firmly by just one hand. Note: Never use tools; over-tightening is unnecessary and may lead to eccentric mounting. When unwinding , use a heat-insulating glove or cloth, if rapid firing has heated up the jacket of the suppressor.

El Libro contempla las diferentes marcas utilizadas en el tiempo, con el informe correlativo de sus fechas.

The Book contemplates the different marks used in the time, with the corelative report of its dates.